Friday, August 21, 2009

My stylish but cheap top wear

One thing that I love about Thailand is the availability of stylish but cheap products. There are seas of grade A imitations that are so polished you can't tell which is the original and which is the imitation by a mere glance. You will only know however, if you get to touch or wear it. Of course, nothing beats the original designers' products when it comes to comfort and quality. Needless to say, it goes with price.

I got this black Thai style spaghetti straps top from one of the night markets here in Bangkok. It cost me only 70baht. That's only $2.06. And yet, it's very sophisticated.

This type of cloth however needs to be handwashed and be separated from the rest of your laundry because the color has a tendency to fade and can ruin your other clothes. Fading of color is not always true to all low price products but it's always good to take heed.