Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fashion Don't! My fashion faux pas ...

I used to have regular posts on Fashion Don't Celebrity Outfits. I search for outfits that make eyebrows rise and then ask you if it's a fashion faux pas or not. Answers may vary but majority usually demand to add them to our Fashion Don't list! And yet, when I saw the post of Erika, the photo of her as a girl before she was a fashionista, it made me realize, I have my own share of fashion faux pas. In fact, tons of them. So why not share even one?


I can't help myself but laugh when I saw this photo after like 6 years. It really is funny to see my style before the fashionista days.I wore only Jag for jeans and I thought I was cool. My bag can only be JanSport backpack or sling. I made a promise to myself that even though I'll grow older, I would never carry handbags and shoulder bags that are so girly-like. I'd carry only JanSport.

I checked my closet tonight and saw no JanSport bag. I believe I didn't have JanSport for years now.

Boy, see those shoes?!

If you too have your own story of fashion faux pas, submit them at BYWH - Before You Were Hot!

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