Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Charice Pempengco's Crystal Studded Microphone

Since I blogged about the day I saw CharicePempengco in person and how I bravely used some tricks and stunts just to be able to smuggle myself into the press area to see her perform and take pictures of her during her promotional visit in Thailand, my blog received quite a lot of hits from Charice's fans. What amazes me though is the fact that the visitors who read the post Charice Visited Thailand aren't seem to be that interested about her visit in the country, rather, they are more fascinated and curious about her dazzling crystal-studded Sennheiser microphone.



About fifty meters from the platform, I could clearly see the sparks of her microphone studded with diamond-like crystals. There was a clear distinction between her microphone and the normal microphones that the Thai performer and the EMCEE, who welcomed her, were using.

Sennheiser, a leading German audio electronics brand, made Charice's dream come true - the dream of having her own personalized microphone. The hand-held microphone is customized with 2300 crystals and costs up to $999.

Charice was overwhelmed when she was told that she'll be the next endorser of the brand in line after Beyonce and Celine Dion. But when the mic, with her signature on it, was handed to her, she couldn't help but be teary eyed. After all, aren't dreams come true?

Read more about how Charice received the Swarovski-studded microphone from German company.

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