Saturday, June 26, 2010

Strategic Shopping for Stylish but Affordable Apparels at Zepherra

One strategy that I found effective in styling is creative combination. By that, I don’t refer to only creative ways of mix matching or style hunting but I refer to strategic ways of combining designers, high street or lookalikes in an outfit. This way of styling has served me best since I started to fall in love with fashion during my university days.

If my shoes are designers, people would certainly notice them. Therefore, I pick a dress that is not a designer but simply is a look alike. The dress can be easily understood as designers too. To complete the outfit, I would take a purse that is a highstreet product and then walk like everything on me is designers.

However, this strategy would effectively work if you are resourceful. You have to be able to identify products that are affordable but are great lookalikes of designer products. This area requires good taste and keen eyes but is practically helpful given the economy.

Zepherra is a shop that sells lovely dresses and apparels that I consider great lookalikes. Their products are creatively crafted and are fashionably designers inspired. What is more hilarious about this shop is that their products’ prize usually ranges $10 to $30. It is not difficult to identify apparels that would suit your need for lookalikes because what their shop offers are not only very affordable, they are also very stylish.