Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's girls! Happy Valentine's honey!

A happy happy valentine's day girls! Today, the very day of hearts, I made a slideshow to give you a glimpse into my love life.

Here are the ten facts about my relationship.

1. His name is Glenn.

2. My name is Glee. Thus my pen name Gleenn. ;)

3.. He's a filipino-German. He was born in the Philippines and grew up in Germany. I am a filipino who grew up a nomad. ;)

4. I speak two languages and three dialects, he speaks only German and English. Thus we use English. ;)

5. It was a photo posted on a site at the right time that made us found each other. He, searching for the one; me, just broke up from a relationship.

6. He literally calls every day for hours. Oh, such a fortune he spends.

7. He flew for fifteen hours to meet me and make everything real. He had been fying back and forth since then, basically twice a year.

8. He's an only child. I'm the eldest of six. Can you guess who reigns?

9. We call each other "honey", but he calls me "baby" most of the time. [a clue to fact #8]

10. We are engaged to be married in ten months.

Searching for Mr. Right was not an easy journey, and this is what I learnt all through.

Love is bestowed in a mysterious way with so many surprises. The right one comes at a perfect time and place. If it's yours, it's going to stick for you. You would know if he's the one, without doubts.

I wish everyone happiness and true love. :)