Sunday, June 7, 2009

What is Maxi dress?

Why The Maxi Dress?

What's the cause for the rise of the maxi dress? Let's begin with that. The maxi dress fits into the role of how this season is so fixated on throwback trends, volume in silhouettes, and the reminiscence of romanticism and femininity. Maxi dresses penetrate ever so deeply into the past and romantic theme, having dreamy and flowing full lengths that brush the floor similar to how many odd years ago when women would impart sexuality and grace through the way her dress would sway. Maxi dresses also play a part in the silhouette and voluminous trend, comprising of a somewhat cone shape (small to big) with a fitted upper body and a flowing bottom. In essence, maxi dresses emanate all of the current trends cooped up into one example.

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