Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chaps went as low as 50percent off

I was walking out from a Beauty clinic two weeks ago; I just had my dermatologist removed some facial warts through a laser when I noticed some panic in a boutique [both the beauty clinic and the boutique were inside the megamall]. I saw the banner from the outside said "End of the Season". I hurriedly went inside. And guess what? A number of designers shoes, bags, pants and accesories were on sale. Yet, a shoe lover as I am, it did not take me a second to rush where I should. I was so overwhelmed grabbing all the shoes that fancied me just to realize, I couldn't have them all. But they were 50 percent off. Heaven knows I could not afford to spend so much to get products not on sale. These Chaps shoes could have cost me 10, 000 baht if not for the discount. I was so happy.