Friday, May 22, 2009

Maxi Dress Collections by Deutzyg

Here are collections of Maxi Dress that DEUTZYG BOUTIQUE has produced so far.
We are located in Indonesia. Our products are high-quality maxi dresses made of cotton, chiffon, satin, and BATIK materials. We are highly proud of Batik, and we want to expand batik market to the world. If you are interested to buy, you can contact us by chatting with us: (YAHOO Messenger) (MSN Messenger)
or order by email to or sms to +62-878-5173-8963
(contact person: Tasniem Fauzia)

Lindsay Maxi Dresses for 20 US Dollars.

Green Tea, Peach, Caffe Latte, Orange Maxi Dresses for 20 US dollars.

Maxi Dress Hillary, Lolly pop, Angela, Blossom, Purple Flower, Pink Flower Collections from 18 US dollars - 20 US dollars

Cool Maxi Dresses: Blue Ocean, Green Sea, J-Lo Maxi Dresses for 21 US Dollars.