Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ruche - Spring Lookbook Teaser

This week, I had the privilege to work with the most awesome crew of photographers, models, hair stylists, and make up artists. We were working on Ruche's Spring Lookbook. Stephanie Williams and her husband Isaac where the photographers for the shoot and they were absolutely amazing! Stephanie's creativity was out of this world. She does weddings, portraits, catalogs, and product photography. Check out her site, she is really something!

As far as everyone else on the set, I've never seen so many talented people work so hard and have so much fun. The pictures may not show it, but the models were freezing! The sun didn't really help that much hehe. Sorry ladies! Thank you so much to everyone who was involved!

So after 8 hours of hard work for 15 people, 4000 pictures later, the results were out of this world...nothing short of perfect. Here are a couple teaser pictures from the shoot. There are PLENTY MORE to come =). Some of the items are already on sale, but the rest will be on sale towards the end of February.

Eleanor is wearing the "wrinkle in time ivory dress" and "mustredevilliars grey tapestry coat", and geranium stone embroidered clutch. This is the same outfit I used to style the Madame Bijou concept for Vasti. I just love it!

Sunisa is wear the cream sparrow nest ruffle top tucked into the mint n chip flower skirt (necklace coming later).

Andrea is wearing the ripple yellow organic v-neck tank underneath the picnic date eyelet light spring jacket, red braided shoulder bag, and mustard floral ring. Pants and crochet necklace coming later.

The "bumblebee tuxedo high waisted dress" is currently out of stock, but coming back in March.

yellow cherry bunches tank tucked inside the
cadette gray high waist bow tie skirt
(almost out of stock ladies!).

(middle outfit: silk sheer bow teal blouse tucked inside cadette black high waist bow tie skirt (almost out of stock!).

Cast and Crew

Stephanie Williams & Isaac

Nicole DeLaTorre
Lindsy Nicole
Eleanor Goldfield
Sunisa Kim
Andrea Padilla
Jose Delgado

Hair Stylist:
Kyle Rich

Make Up Artists:
Glenna Victoria
Jessi Pagel